Changing of the guard


After three years, his last hour as Rector has arrived. He has his farewell speech in his hands. His robes would be sitting in the wardrobe for years after. 


Changing of Rectors, 1989. From left to right, Professor Kees Rijnvos, his wife, and Professor Rinnooy Kan.

Just before going to press we received the sad news that Professor Rijnvos had passed away at 87.  

Science made way for the VNO (Union of Dutch Enterprises) and ING Bank. Professor Alexander Rinnooy Kan said goodbye to Erasmus University on September 4th, 1989, where he had been teaching Operational Research at the School of Economic Sciences since 1980, and spent a few years as president of the Econometrics Institute. A press release dated May 1986 mentioned how Rinnooy Kan, 36 at the time, was the youngest Rector ever appointed in the Netherlands. As such, it failed to recognize press officer professor Johan Witteveen, who in 1951 at the tender age of 30 was appointed Rector at the Netherlands School of Economics. Next to Rinnooy Kan is his successor with his wife, professor Kees Rijnvos of the Law faculty, who had been an economic and public finance professor since 1975, as well as dean at FRG between 1982 and 1986. Rijnvos had been promoted twice, in Economics and Philosophy. He would remain Rector until the opening of the Academic Year in 1993.

TEXT: Cora Boele – Academisch erfgoed 
PHOTO: Levien Willemse