Former RSC board establishes Fund in Name


‘If you want the Netherlands to remain a knowledge economy, you need to invest’. Eight alumni, the former board of the Rotterdam Student Corporation to be precise, established a Fund in Name. Members Antoin Bruijninckx and Robert Hattink explain how and why. 


‘We met through university, 36 years ago to be exact,’ Robert Hattink starts. ‘In 1982, our first year. Later on, all of us were on the board of the student corporation, and we’ve been getting together on a regular basis ever since.’ 

Millions and more
‘Through the Erasmus Trustfund we heard about the Challenge Accepted campaign,’ says Bruijninckx, ‘and immediately we contacted each other via our group chat. We were very excited about this, perhaps not typically Dutch, but certainly very Rotterdam-ish ambition to create an endowment fund worth a 100 million euros.’ As a group they decided to establish a Fund in Name, with the express purpose of supporting research at Erasmus University. The name hasn’t fully been decided on, but the goal is clear. Hattink: ‘We want to give something back to the university that brought us together.’ 

Renowned researchers
In close cooperation with the Trustfund, they’ve since formulated the objective of their fund. Supporting socially relevant research that’s international in character is what matters to them. Hattink explains: ‘We could, for instance, facilitate visits by renowned researchers from universities abroad, and vice versa.’ Bruijninckx adds: ‘We’d also be interested in funding research that shows the effect of the European cooperation.’ They address the topic of true price as well: might there be a way to incorporate social costs into the pricing of goods?

Dream big
‘Erasmus University scores high in rankings, and it needs to maintain its power of attraction in the future,’ Robert Hattink states. ‘It’s essential that the university remains a substantial research facility, a place where new ideas are born, where future leaders are being educated.’ 
‘Because of this university, the opportunity was given to us to get to where we are now,’ Bruijninckx continues. ‘If we want this country to remain a knowledge economy, we’ll need to invest in education and research. And when you have the option to contribute, proportional to your income, that’s wonderful. It’s a great way to help build the future of this university that makes us so proud.’

TEXT: Pauline Bijster

In for a pound
If you would you like to make a donation or use your capital to facilitate groundbreaking research, education of the highest level, or scientific collaborations with substantial social impact, please go to: for a click-and-go donation. 
If you’d rather transfer funds the traditional way, we invite you to make them payable to the order of Erasmus Trustfonds, via IBAN-code NL 06 ABNA 05 64 41 43 52 and BIC-code ABNA NL 2A. Please mention ‘donation’ and a Fund in Name if applicable.

Care to know more about other options? Feel free to contact Margot van Sluis, via of ­06 10 60 37 03, dan wel 010 411 05 96.